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Do you know how to enlarge your penis size without surgery which has a high level of risk ? Good news has been waiting for you , now there is a method that can increase penis size according to your dreams without a high-risk surgery and without spending thousands of dollars

Vimax male enhancement pills herb remedy that works to increase penis length and girth , sexual desire , sexual health and helps to achieve stronger erections . This alternative method is not painful and dangerous secured with permanent results .

Products launched around the year 2000 is distributed by Vimax pills ( PillsExpert - Frankfort , MI ) an affiliate network company under the auspices of OA Internet Services Ltd. Montreal , Canada .

Vimax is a herbal medicine devices / natural for men that works to increase penis length and girth , sexual desire , sexual health and helps to achieve stronger erections . Formulated from herbs from around the world that have been proven to work , you can be assured Vimax will improve your sexual performance . Vimax uses some of the same type of herbs found in Polynesia , where the people of Mangaian tribe have sex an average of 3 times a night , every night .
While this is not what you may wish , it is nice to know your sexual performance can improve substantially .
Do not believe the myth that says women do not care about penis size . If you are a small size it does not matter how good a person you are , you are not going to hold on to your lover for a long time . We conducted a survey of more than 50,000 women who have their size would be better . See the results and feel the difference after make Vimax Pills or not .


Yes , Vimax works by increasing blood flow to the penis . Also , allowing to add herb larger blood volume to stay in the shaft of your penis when erect . This effect makes your penis appear solid , attentive , and ready for action . So , make your penis look more appetizing yet another benefit of vimax - as if there were not enough already ! But wait - there's another one ! Vimax will help you to achieve a more intense orgasm and help reduce the chances of premature ejaculation !



  • Increase your penis size up to 3-4 inches in 3 months
  • You will have a bigger penis , harder erections . Because of increased blood flow your erections grow harder
  • stop premature ejaculation
  • Strong and extra strong orgasm
  • Significantly increase your sexual desire and stamina
  • Appearance of your penis will stimulate your sex partners
  • Erection anytime if you like . Tight erections all the time . No other problems for the reason that you can not get it and continue it . Vimax Pills will keep the blood flowing to your penis so you will always get hard and stay tough

You alone control the growth proceeds , after you feel is optimal with the results , you could stop taking VIMAX PILLS . We say you could stop taking VIMAX PILLS because it is not necessary to be larger then 9 inches . Most women can only comfortably accommodate a 9 inch penis . Anything larger than that may be too large for most women . Nine inches or more then 9 inches , your choice .



  • Dodder Seed Seman Cuscutae { } . Used to solve the problem sexual like impotence and premature ejaculation .
  • Epimedium sagittatum 4:1 Ext { bark } . Increase libido and improve erectile function .
  • Gingko Biloba Pwd . Improves peripheral circulation and oxygenation .
  • Panax Ginseng Root { } . Helps infertility , build blood and sperm .
  • Terestis Tribulus Powder . Increase impulse Sex.Tribulus Terestis Powder . Increase sex encouragement .
  • Saw Palmetto Powder . Stimulate a low libido in males and to increase energy sexual .
  • Cayenne Pepper . Used to ward off disease and freshen the blood circulation . It may also prevent strokes and heart attacks by increasing the heart action but not the blood pressure .He has the ability to rebuild tissue and also helps combat fatigue .
  • Avena Sativa Oat Straw Ext Ext { 10:1 } . Used to stimulate both men quickly and effectively


o Month 1 : In the first month the most significant change will be wide and long lasting erection your penis

o Month 2 : After two months using Vimax Pills , you will see a change in the length of your penis and again you will see a wider and thicker penis . When you stand in front of a mirror , you will be amazed how , even without an erection , your penis will ' hang ' longer and thicker

o Month 3 : This month , you will get a perfect result , your penis will be a big , long and wide , even harder than a rock . Now you can show to all the people together in the success of Vimax Penis Enlargement pills

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